Gen Con 2017: Dragon Island


Look, if we heard the word “dragon” in a game title chances are we’re going to hunt it down.

And hunt dragons we did in Dragon Island.

In this game, players are wizards trying to claim Dragon Island for themselves, and they will do so by exploring, capturing and taming dragons, and building magical structures to maximize their power.

A tamed dragon can not only be flown around the island for easy access to any tile, it grants special powers depending on its color.

The goal of the game is to score points, which can be done salad style. You get points for certain arrangements of tiles on the board, as well as taming dragons or capturing them, plus collecting powerful resources (and gold!).

This is a game lush with actions. On your turn you place a tile and get resources, move your wizard and get bonus actions, combat dragons, fly dragons around, and find treasure. Almost everything you do earns you “Fame” which is how you win the game.

Futurewolfie loves epic games, space, and epic games set in space. You'll find him rolling fistfuls of dice, reveling in thematic goodness, and giving Farmerlenny a hard time for liking boring stuff.

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