Gen Con 2017: Museum Heist


The local museum just got a new exhibit, and it’s filled with valuable treasures that can be sold on the black market – if you can just get your hands on them.

Of course, you’re a master thief, so the museum security isn’t a problem for you. What IS a problem is all the other criminals trying to steal the goods right out from under your nose!

In Museum Heist, 7 characters are vying to capture the treasure. Which one is yours? That’s a secret that you pick at the start of every round. Then you take turns moving any character on the board one space, closer to the treasure. You can also jump pawns checkers-style as many times as you are able, as long as your ending move is closer to the artifact than you started.

When you move a pan onto the treasure token, everyone reveals their cards. If yours is the only one matching the character who got the treasure, you claim it! If a second player has the same color, they get it instead. If three or more have it, well… it goes back to you again.

But wait, there’s more! If you think you know which color another player chose, you can accuse them. If you’re right, they’re out for the round. Be warned – if you’re wrong, it’s you who gets the boot.

First player to claim three artifacts wins!

The game is quick and lite, and doesn’t take much time to play at all for a tense little abstract.

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