GC ’15: Zombie 15’


Hey Kenneth, why don’t you help us out and introduce the first game of Gen Con 2015 that we tried?

Wait… which game? Was it a sheep game? I love sheep. Uh, games.  They make great meals. Er… games.

No, it’s not a sheep game. It’s this… let me show you.

Ooh, it’s Zombie ’15! A real-time cooperative survival game. I bet a lot of sheep live in that town.

Even if they did, they’d all be miniature sheep…

Well I’m a pretty small Dragon.

Did somebody say Zombies? Ugh, I hate Zombies.

Me too. I prefer camels.

A brief rundown…

Who it’s for: the zombie survivors, people who enjoy frantic real-time games, those who can play a campaign game..

Who it’s not for: the faint of heart, those looking for lots of strategy.

Zombie 15′ is not brand new, but it was my first time, and our first game of the con. We stumbled on this massive, detailed table just at the right moment when a new game was starting and jumped in.

Zombie 15′, in case you haven’t heard, is a real-time game sort of like Escape: Curse of the Temple, except without dice. You’re running down the streets, trying to find the items you need in order to escape the city, but of course there are plenty of Zombies in the way. So you want to go as fast as you can, but you’ll need to go off the path to collect guns and useful items in order that you might survive.

Because, not only do you have the zombies on the table, more zombies get added over the course of the game as the soundtrack/timer growls at you. Making noise (you know, when you fire that really loud shotgun to kill three zombies) attracts more zombies that will eventually pile on to one player. And you leave no man or woman behind – everyone escapes, or no one does.

Some weapons and stuff on the character I played.
Some weapons and stuff on the character I played.

I’m pretty sure that the demo skimped on many of the rules that would make the game more interesting– I saw icons for two-handed versus one-handed items, heavy items, and other hints that we just didn’t cover, which is fine. I think they mostly just wanted to throw us in to the pool and let us swim for a bit, to get a taste of the experience.

And, while the real game doesn’t come with a fancy detailed board like these pictures show, it does come with a wide array of board tiles for different setups. I’m also told there is a campaign mode, with persistent weapons and damage and stuff like that, which adds to the fun. Overall I enjoyed it, and if you like real time games and/or zombies, it’s worth a look. It does come at a steep price ($80) which feels hefty for a 15-min real time game, but do you get a lot of beautiful components, including lots and lots of minis. If you see yourself running the campaign mode (which might be pretty easy if you can play 3 games in an hour) it could be worth a look.

And you can always build your own fancy landscape.

A bit of a closeup on the fanciness
No actual game components pictured here…

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