Gen Con 2017: Flip Ships


Flip Ships is a cardboard version of a Galaga-type video game. Waves of alien ships are heading straight for you, and you’ve got to use your skills to take out as many ships as you can and destroy the mothership.

This pretty much covers it. you can use the red block as your launch station if your table doesn’t have good edges.

And why is it called Flip Ships, you ask? well, your ships are round tokens, and to shoot the enemy ships you set the token at the edge of the table and then flick your token, flipping it toward the incoming forces. If you land on a ship, you damage it. Same if you land on the Mothership.

Then, enemy ships move forward. If they reach you, they damage you – so you could target the Mothership exclusively, but you’re likely to die by all the enemy fighters crashing into you first. Also, it’s not easy to hit anything – flicking cardboard tokens isn’t exactly a precise form of combat.

You’ll be able to upgrade your own ships to gain more abilities and give yourself a better chance of wiping out the enemy.

Also, the game’s art is amazing.

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