Gen Con 2017: Spirit Island


Spirit Island is a cooperative game that answers the question, what if the island in Settlers of Catan was already inhabited… by spiritual beings, who aren’t too pleased with the new arrivals.

(No direct association with Catan exists in this game).

You and the other players are tasked with scaring off the incursions of hopeful human settlers. They’ll do their best to explore the land, build villages, upgrade those villages into cities, and basically ruin your beautiful island.

But you’re not without wits, and a few unnatural skills. You’ll harness resources from the land to gain energy and perform certain actions to help you destroy cities and terrify the populous. Each player represents a different nature spirit with related abilities. Water, for example, builds up an overwhelming flood that slowly spreads across the land to wipe out the settlers, while lightning flashes here and there, blasting things to bits faster than you can say “hey there lightning spirit, don’t blast me to bits!”

Lightning’s gotta light

The ultimate goal have enough settlers terrified so they won’t come back, before they build up too much and are intrenched, sucking away your life force, and there’s a lot of them… so get to it.

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