Gen Con 2017: Gateway Uprising


This is why you always shut the door.

Someone left open the Gateway. That is, a portal to another realm from which horrific monsters are now pouring and infesting the city. It’s like… some kind of uprising.

Now it’s up to you, or whoever else wants to get in on this, to build an army and fight back.

Gateway: Uprising is a new deckbuilding game from CMON that features a heck of a lot of combat, although mostly not between players. Instead, you’ll be attacking the city guards to claim sections of the city as your own, which rewards you with points and special abilities.

But then, the monsters show up and rip through your units like butter made out of paper. So you’ve got to get a better army to wipe out the monsters. So you’ll buy new cards that do more powerful things, give you more gold to spend, and fight the deadliest creatures. It’s your standard deckbuilding fare, although the city board ensures that you always have a lot of action on your hands.

Monsters! Everywhere!

There’s a tactical element as well. You can’t let the city get overrun with monsters, or everyone loses. If you manage to control the whole city yourself, you can win without waiting for things like “the game to end” and “everyone to count up their points.”

Like Dominion, there’s a common stack of 10 cards or so that don’t change throughout the game, and those are cards you can buy to add to your deck. Unlike Dominion, you can buy powerful Runes that are worth points – or, in a pinch, a one-time powerful effect.

The board is also unlike Dominion, and there are extra city tiles to make sure your game is totally different each time you play. You never know what city bonuses you’ll get your hands on, or what monsters will show up, or what soldiers and wizards and all that you’ll be able to use to fight them.

Why one wizard when you can have many?


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