The Village Square: March 23, 2015


Before we check in with our cardboard community I thought it would be fun to catch up with the iSlayTheDragon crew on Twitter!

i haven’t played a ton of board game apps, but Star @StarRealms is almost definitely one of the best apps out there. (@FutureWolfie)

I found a note I wrote myself that says, simply, “Fix [book].” I wonder why I wrote it and whether I succeeded. (@FarmerLenny)

Things I learned from #SonsOfLiberty – Don’t bother wasting more of my time with #TexasRising in May… (@spielemitkinder)

Sooooo who wants to buy me Kids in the Hall tickets?? #yyc #kidsinthehall #poor (@megatronschmidt)

Trying to justify writing a review of Musee and watching basketball as multitasking. Failing miserably. Having fun. #amwriting #boardgames (@BlueEyedReindeer)

Hey guys, I’m on Twitter too! And I haven’t even burned down the internet yet!

Community Talk

What’s this Twitter you speak of? Nevermind, we’ve got a real community here in town. None of this internet nonsense.

You know you’re on the internet right now, don’t you?

Preposterous! If I was on the internet could I do this?

No one can see anything you’re doing.

Well trust me, it was impressive. Almost as impressive as W. Eric Martin’s tips for shrinking your oversized game boxes.

Skip to 9:04 for the instructions on shrinking a game box

What makes sense for the publisher may not make sense for you and you can change that. You can do something about that. And I will, I’ll show you how to do it… You can make yourself a very tiny box.

In the past, I’ve written some basic Kickstarter Advice, as well as some basic advice on game development and production. Today, I’m going to talk about how I’ve been pursuing the business of being a publisher. I’ll share bits about my journey to date, little pieces of advice, and will discuss hopes for where I’m going.

I watch Twitter, and lately there has been an initiative (and the predictable backlash to the initiative) to bring new people to the hobby…

One of the backlash questions is: why? In my humble opinion, it can’t hurt, although I can see why people would be hesitant to push the hobby, especially if their audience seems disinterested.

I think of it as similar to friends who try to sell goods. My wife and I have friends who are into a number of small businesses that all seem to operate on a general principle: leverage relationships you already have with people in order to introduce them to a product.

What does too random mean?

I hear it all the time, I even say it. This game is too random, that action is too random. There’s too much random going on. But hold on, what does too random really mean?

Political games are not the only games that I like but they hold a special place in my heart. I love strategy and the competition that more deeply strategic games allow. But its the Coups and Sheriff of Nottinghams that really make for interesting interactions between people rather than between strategies employed by people. I usually don’t like playing political games with people I don’t already know and trust, because they can really impact relationship and are much more fun and interesting when they’re used to explore relationships. If you’re interested in board games because of the interactions between people, political games are for you.

What is a Political Game?
The Political Gamer

#BoardGameHour has a new website and a new podcast!

Welcome to the new home of board game hour…We are proud to announce the Board Game Hour Podcast… It will be hosted by @benisace and myself @MofBG. We have teamed up to bring you a new board game related podcast (like there aren’t enough of them) inspired and linked to the weekly #BoardGameHour twitter chat.

New and Shiny
Board Game Hour

Thanks for joining us here in town. And make sure to check back at the end of the week as we make our monthly trip to the Dragon’s Peak!

Games On Our Table

Play 2015-Mar-23 - Fields of ArleFields of Arle – This continues to be my second most played game of the year (after the untouchable Roll For The Galaxy). It looks to stay that way with the help of a friendly solo challenge that just started up on Twitter (#FoASolo). I got warmed up with a 2-player game on Saturday and then made my first attempt at a heavy animal strategy late Sunday night. I ended the game with 42 animals (14 of each type) and one very crowded farm!

I love optimization and engine games with tableau builders and card driven ones being my favorite. This usually means medium-heavy euros and medium-light card games.

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