The Village Square: December 7, 2015


In the annual game of Ruel’s Frenzied Last Minute Holiday Shopping Spree I’m happy to report that I’m not playing this year. Thanks to Amazon and Target battling it out for retail supremacy on Cyber Monday, I saved some money and finished my shopping from home, weeks ahead of schedule. I just hope everybody wanted board games this year.

Here’s the latest and greatest from the cardboard community.

Bigger and Better
After hosting a record number of events (14,000+), exhibitors (400+), and unique attendees (61,000+) Gen Con 2016 will be moving to the much larger Lucas Oil Stadium.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Board Game isn’t being manufactured in San Dimas, but it will be available soon.

More Chromecast Games
Hasbro has released a few more classic board games for Google’s Chromecast, which lets you play on your big-screen TV.

Ancient Game
I always get a kick out of seeing what games archaeologists dig up. What if they found an Escape-like game buried in a temple somewhere? My head hurts just thinking about that awesome, mind-blowing possibility.

This timeline of board games focuses only on the well-known games, but it could be the start of a more interesting, in-depth look at our hobby’s history.

Parties for Non-Gamers
Our pals at Geek & Sundry have a few recommendations for hosting a game night for non-gamers.

New Castle
Another board game cafe has opened its doors for business, this time in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
Get out and game! (h/t reddit and boardgamegeek)

January 8-10. MACE East. Wilmington, North Carolina.
January 15-18. Brycecon 2016. Bryce Canyon City, Utah.
January 22-24. EsCon 2016. San Marcos, California.
January 30-31. GCOM’s Winter Game Fest. Rockville, Maryland.
February 12-15. Orccon 2016. Los Angeles, California.
February 19-21. OwlCon. Houston, Texas.
February 22-28. PrezCon 2016. Charlottesville, Virginia.
March 4-6. Tennessee Game Days. Franklin, Tennessee.
March 4-6. FallsCon 2016. Witchita Falls, Texas.
March 18-20. Meeplecon. Las Vegas, Nevada.
April 1-3. Gaming Hoopla. Gurnee, Illinois.
April 9-10. Unpub Games Festival. Baltimore, Maryland.
April 22-24. Rocket City Gamefest. Huntsville, Alabama.
April 22-24. LexiCon Tabletop Gaming. Lexington, Kentucky.
May 19-22. Geekway to the West. St. Louis, Missouri.
May 27-30. Gamex 2016. Los Angeles, California.
June 15-19. Origins Game Fair. Columbus, Ohio.
June 17-19. PolyCon 34. San Luis Obispo, California.
July 6-10. Dice Tower Gaming Con V. Orlando, Florida.
September 2-5. Gateway 2016. Los Angeles, California.

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