The Village Square: May 18, 2015


Something important is happening today. That’s right, the awards that everyone loves to disagree with but also respect. Kind of. I’m talking about the Spiel des Jahres nominations.

My informants are sad to report that Roll For The Galaxy did not, in fact, get any nominations as you had hoped.

Well that’s stupid. I won’t rest until it wins every single award ever.

My informants recommend that you shouldn’t attempt that.

Community Talk

Since it’s too early to discuss the sure to be controversial SdJ nominations we’ll focus on something else this week. Here are some of our favorite board game interviewers around town. Seriously, these are some top notch interviews.

The purpose behind The Inquisitive Meeple blog is to highlight tabletop designers and publishers via interviews and to learn the stories behind a highlighted board game (or board game publisher).  Our hope is that you the reader, being a designer, publisher or just a tabletop enthusiast learn something new or interesting with each interview you read.

I’ve got some really exciting interviews with game designers coming up for the next season of Pre-game. In addition to the interviews with Table Top game designers, I’ll be adding digital game designers to the mix!

Board Game Quest started in the summer of 2012 as a simple board game blog. The goal was to play games, post reviews and session reports, and maybe encourage others to discover something new.

Since then, Board Game Quest has expanded in both content and popularity. What started as a simple blog has become a full board game news, review, and information site. Now Board Game Quest works hard to provide you with weekly board game reviews, news, interviews with game designers, and information on upcoming Kickstarters.

I started The Meeple Mechanic back in July of 2014 after moving to Northwest Florida to be with my wife who is stationed here. I was able to lay the foundation for a really great website that would allow me to talk about great Kickstarter campaigns and to talented game designers.

It has been a long road but the only reason you are reading this and countless other articles on this site is because I really am living out my dream.

We’re a collection of gamers who are absolutely obsessed with games, and more importantly, love writing about them. We’re proud to bring you editorials, game reviews, session recaps, interviews, and more. While there will probably be a slant toward Eurogames, our goal is to cover virtually everything that can be played on a tabletop — whether it’s a twenty-year-old Ameritrash miniatures game or a brand new release straight from the Essen game fair.

Interviews and conversations about games on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites. Hosted by JR Honeycutt, Founder of DFW Nerd Night and Co-Host of The Nerd Nighters.

See everyone next week. That is if I haven’t passed out from sleep deprivation first.

My informants think you should go to bed.

Ok, fine. But let the record state that I stayed up for one whole day fighting the good fight.

Games On Our Table

Play 2015-May 18 - Penny PressPenny Press – I had heard some good things about this one before trying it out this weekend. It is indeed a clever game with a dynamic market and interesting scoring system. However in the 5 player game that I played it felt a like too chaotic for my taste with far too much emphasis on jockeying for position. The design was very smooth but it didn’t impress me enough to make me feel like I needed to play it again.

Play 2015-May 18 - Taj MahalTaj Mahal – This is one of my favorite Knizia designs and a true classic euro (along with Amun-Re and Tigris & Euphrates). It’s one of the more punishing games I’ve seen for new players which makes it challenging to teach but speaks to the game’s uncompromising depth. We had several new players which was partially how I was able to build all but one of my palaces in a 5 player game. I ended with 9 connected territories to pull ahead of the other veteran player that was abusing elephants.

Play 2015-May 18 - Roll#100Rolls Update: After nearly a month off I was finally able to get in Game Number 44. It was a 2-player game and I stalled a bit to end with that silly 17 point consumption. I’m still on pace to get in 100 games but not if I go another month between plays. Here’s hoping I can spur some interest.

I love optimization and engine games with tableau builders and card driven ones being my favorite. This usually means medium-heavy euros and medium-light card games.

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