The Village Square: September 18, 2017


Happy Monday, everybody! Hope your weekend was full of good gaming. Here’s the latest news from the cardboard community.

Heisenberg on the Tabletop
W. Eric Martin wrote on his BGG blog about a Breaking Bad game due later this year: “When playing a criminal faction, your goal is to produce Blue Sky, then sell the quantity needed to win before your opponents can. You can also win the game by taking out all of your opponents by using cards to bomb, shoot, or otherwise eliminate them. As the DEA agent, your goal is to seize the criminal factions’ labs (by playing DEA Raid cards). You can also win the game by taking out all of your opponents, either by killing them or putting them in jail.”

Small World Islands
A new expansion for Small World will be out at Essen before hitting North America in December. Small World Sky Islands is a 3-6 player expansion that will feature a “new board featuring the floating Sky Islands. Each island completely conquered by a single Race will earn additional coins for that race, but accessing the Sky Islands is not easy.”

Roll for the Galaxy App
Our 2015 Game of the Year, Roll for the Galaxy, will soon make its way to digital platforms. “Keldon Jones, the developer behind the Race for the Galaxy AI, is at it again with Roll for the Galaxy. This game will feature a new neural network AI that will challenge even the most advanced players.”

Pandemic Survival
Z-Man Games has announced its 2018 Pandemic Survival Series. In Pandemic Survival “teams of two compete against the same scenario simultaneously with the same objectives in mind: be the first team to find all four cures or be the sole survivor at the end of the game. During these events, each team faces the same starting situation: identical roles, infected cities, and the same player cards in the same order.” National champions will be invited to compete at the world championship in Amsterdam.

Cosmic Gambit
The Cosmic Gambit expansion to the Star Realms app is now available. The release includes new gambits, all of the Year Two promo cards, new campaign chapters, and a new Favorites function that allows you to “add your favorite opponents, friends, frenemies, and family, to your favorites list to make it easy to challenge them anytime.”

Twilight Imperium
Here’s a documentary about Twilight Imperium, from the Shut Up and Sit Down crew.

Designing a Trick-Taking Game
Scott Almes talks about the process behind Claim, his two-player trick-taking game. “Creating a new trick-taking game is almost a rite of passage for a game designer. It is a design space that has centuries of development behind it.”

Upcoming Board Game Conventions
September 30-October 1. Mini Wars. Fullerton, California.
October 6-8. TsunamiCon. Wichita, Kansas.
October 6-8. CinCityCon. Cincinnati, Ohio.
October 7-8. Congress of Gamers. Rockville, Maryland.
October 13-15. XPO 2017. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
October 13-15. ConnCon/FallCon. Stamford, Connecticut.
November 17-19. PAX Unplugged. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
January 19-21. Cascade Games Con. Bellingham, Washington.

Visit for more convention listings.

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