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The following article is a paid preview of the Deep Space Game Canopy, now on Kickstarter, created by Level 3B

I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of traveling with my board games. Whether it’s to a game convention, a family vacation, or even just over to my parent’s house, I’m lugging those boxes to and fro.

Most of the time I just use those cheap fabric grocery bags, but maybe you’re looking for something sturdier, with more protection, more storage capacity, and the ability to stack your games horizontally instead of on their side.

The Deep Space Game Canopy is not the first of its kind on the market… but it is definitely the biggest I’ve seen.

This baby is massive. You could fit a small child in there. And a second small child. And they could set up a table and play Ticket to Ride, probably.

Pictures are going to do a better job showing this than I can explain with words:

Now you know why it’s called “Deep Space”

Yes, that’s right. This enormous cargo hauler can fit Twilight Imperium at least twice over, so it’s perfect for all those big-box games you’ve always had to hold on the side. Eclipse, Clash of Cultures, Gloomhaven… those coffin cases finally have a traveling bag to call their own.

It is unfortunately not quite big enough to fit two standard-sized games side-by-side, so if you’re not bringing something huge you may want to opt for alternative bags (Level 3B already offers a vertically-oriented bag for square game boxes), or at least pack carefully. Standard boxes do fit vertically, even though that’s not the ideal way to pack them. I tend to spend a lot of time sorting bits after traveling that way.

I will say, I did try using it to carry a stack of standard games, and they didn’t fall all over the place or cause a mess. Still, the extra gap feels awkward, and I didn’t exactly have to carry the bag far.

But if you do have a boatload of games to bring, the storage space feels endless. Did I mention the pockets up front?

Squeeze in a few card games, game bits, or whatever else you might need to accompany your cardboard in the front pockets

In case you’re wondering “How the heck do I carry a bag this big filled with heavy games without breaking my back?” well you’re in luck. External straps are designed to work with standard rolling carts. I didn’t have one on hand to test this out, but here’s a promotional image:

Sweet ride, bro (promotional image)

As for the bag’s construction… well, I’m no expert, but it feels durable. The padding is thick and sturdy to help the bag keep its shape with enough give to protect the contents. The handles and straps feel like they can hold the weight (I suppose I should check in next year to see how it’s all held up over time). And, the bag folds up fairly flat when not in use, so I can easily stick it in my closet.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that this is a luxury item and the price tag shows it. Maybe not when fully loaded, but it feels a little strange when the bag itself costs more than the contents inside. If you’ve got the spare cash and you carry around big heavy games frequently, sure, take the plunge on this thing. If you’re looking for a sturdier bag to carry your standard 3-4 regular-sized games to a weekly game night, you may want something a little smaller and cheaper.

If you want to get in on the kickstarter, there are many color options to choose from, including a kickstarter-exclusive blue-and-red, but the bags will be available for order from the company’s website shortly after, so consider carefully. Check out the kickstarter here:

(promotional image)

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  1. Michael Fisher

    Looks nice, and having something that holds TI horizontally would be great. But I need to know, how does it handle Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea plus expansions? Those boxes defy all of my attempts to carry them.

    • unfortunately I can’t test Heroes of LAS as I don’t have that game. You’d have a decent chance of success, though. This thing is huge.

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