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In lieu of a normal FDQ today, this is more of a feedback question. We’re always looking for ways to improve iSlaytheDragon for you guys. Of course, everything we do requires time and effort on our part, and though we’d love to do every possible thing we think of, that just isn’t realistic.

A recent idea involves creating a fairly regular board gaming videocast. The question is, do you, loyal readers, actually desire such a thing? Would that enhance the board gaming hobby or just add to the noise?

If we were to create a videocast, what sort of thing would you like to see? We could do anything from a talk-show styled thing discussing board game current events, to more review-style videos, to “how-to-play” videos, or even possibly our own gameplaying show a la Tabletop, albeit much lower budget.

Your feedback would be much appreciated; any thoughts you have will be considered, and will help us decide the next steps to take for our site. If you have ideas or suggestions other than what I’ve written here, please feel free to share those as well.

Thanks for your time. We appreciate you helping us make iSlaytheDragon better and better.


Futurewolfie loves epic games, space, and epic games set in space. You'll find him rolling fistfuls of dice, reveling in thematic goodness, and giving Farmerlenny a hard time for liking boring stuff.

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  1. I can only speak for myself, but I would not watch a video. I’ve meant to watch some of the Tabletop videos, but haven’t even gotten to them. Most of my time checking out sites is in my RSS reader while my code is compiling, and it’s much easier to start and stop (and skim) text than a video. Just my two cents.

  2. Seconding what Josh said. I’m more likely to read an article than listen to a podcast, and more likely to listen to a podcast than watch a video.

  3. I think the success of Geek and Sundry in general shows pretty clearly that the internet is in desperate need of well-scripted and produced original content. If the video cast was well-scripted, well-acted, well-produced, short, and to the point, I think you’d find yourselves with lots of viewers. Tom Vasel is as well-known as he is I think only because he has the most videos, and they all follow a pretty standard format. But they really aren’t very good, and I think the internet gaming community would readily welcome some videos from islaythedragon.

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