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If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you’re not at Gencon.  And good riddance too.  Look at all those people, crammed together in a big, bright, noisy room.  It’s chaos, I tell you! Chaos!  These people are like sheep.  Or lemmings.  They and their convention halls and 4-day passes and costumes and advanced copies of games everywhere.

But you were smart, and you stayed home to have a more sensible, calm weekend.  Oh you’ll still get to play a game or two.  And you know what, you can use the money you saved from not buying a ticket to buy even more games, later on, once you’ve found out which ones are good.  All those suckers will just be giving their cash monies away to the first shiny thing that crosses their path, but you’ll have the last laugh!

So, non-Gencon-attending compatriots, what are your plans for the weekend?  Got any games going on?  Anything else enjoyable on a non-insane level?  I know I had a great game of pandemic last night with 2 new players.  And there was homemade pizza, you won’t get that at Gencon.

What are ya’all up to?

[side note: I’ll be at Gencon tomorrow (saturday) to suffer through the craziness, just so I can find out about the new hotness for you guys.  I’ll try to tweet/facebook some fun facts and cool pictures, and there’ll be a writeup on monday.  In the meantime, ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND.]

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  1. Planning to go to DGM (gaming in Dallas for a weekend), plus gaming at home, and going to see ParaNorman. Did I mention homemade meals by my chef wife? I’m not missing anything.

  2. Got a camping trip Sat/Sun with friends from church. I might sneak a few board games in the trunk of the car though… Have fun at GenCon. I went in ’09, regrettably by myself, but it was still fun.

  3. I’m going to ship a game for a math trade, play Thunderstone: Advance, and go to a friend’s garage sale of games (held by his wife, while he’s at Gen Con).

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