Episode 11 – First Five


Join the iSlaytheDragon crew on a trip down memory lane as we discuss the first five games we ever purchased. What do they about as us and how much did we enjoy them? Were there mistakes in our uninformed decisions or did we hit it out of the park?

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Wolfie’s Five:

  1. Android [our review]
  2. Cosmic Encounter [our review]
  3. Dominion [our review]
  4. Small World [our review]
  5. Falling [our review]

Farmer Lenny’s Five:

  1. Catan [our review]
  2. Acquire [our review]
  3. Carcassonne [our review]
  4. Ticket to Ride: Europe [our review]
  5. Bohnanza [our review]
  6. Dominion (Because he’s a cheater) [our review]

Alex’s Five:

  1. Citadels [our review]
  2. Agricola [our review]
  3. Stone Age [our review]
  4. Galaxy Trucker
  5. Race for the Galaxy [our review]


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